Luxury Sales & Marketing Ackademy Project 2017

The 4 Keys of a World-Class Project:

  1. Fostering manager-rep dialogue and common understanding of development goals
  2. Minimizing training load by only requiring it for specific, per-defined development areas
  3. Helping sales managers identify opportunities to incorporate new learning into real-life scenarios
  4. Recognizing and rewarding skill development through certification and “graduation” from the Academy

Basic Structure:

  • Fundamentals: Sales, Marketing, Brand Management
  • Advanced Topics: Effortless Experience, Challenger Sales, Selling with Personal Values 
  • Weekly Discussion Topics by Tarek ElShrief
  • Special Purpose modem concepts; Love Brand etc....

Launch Date: March 2017

Founders: Tarek El Shrief (DBD Expert), Amr Hefni, Other Regional Trainers

Lovemark , The Future beyond Brand

Read the Book Here