Pre-shift Weeks 2017

Week 25   Doc   Empowerment 
Week 24   Doc   Health and Wellbeing
Week 23   Doc   Sustaining Motivation
Week 22   Doc   Personalizing Service 
Week 21   Doc   Thoughtful Touches of Luxury
Week 20   Doc   Classifying High Net Worth Individuals
Week 19   Doc   Speaking a Luxury Language, Using Proper and Polite Speech
Week 18   Doc   Creating the Unexpected
Week 17   Doc   Personalizing the Guest Experience
Week 16   Doc   Anticipating Needs
Week 15   Doc   Understanding the Needs of the Global Traveler
Week 09   Doc   Being a Team Player
Week 08   Doc   Problem Resolution
Week 07   Doc   Problem Avoidance
Week 06   Doc   Empowerment 
Week 05   Doc   The Conrad Community Website
Week 04   Doc   The Conrad Concierge Program
Week 03   Doc   A World of Style
Week 01   Doc   Intuitive Service
Week 52   Doc   Embracing the New Year
Week 51   Doc   Celebrating Our 2016 Successes
Week 50   Doc   First Quarter Performance Check-In 
Week 49   Doc   Health and Wellbeing
Week 48   Doc   Creating Memorable Year-End Experiences
Week 47   Doc   Showing Guests We Care
Week 46   Doc   Anticipating Needs
Week 45   Doc   Reading Guests
Week 44   Doc   Personalizing the Guest Experience
Week 43   Doc   Luxury Telephone Communications
Week 42   Doc   Handwritten Notes and Working with Guest Itineraries
Week 41   Doc   Proper Etiquette for Emails and Written Communications
Week 40   Doc   First Quarter Performance Check-In
Week 39   Doc   Trends in Lifestyle Purchases: Part 2 - Innovation
Week 38   Doc   Trends in Lifestyle Purchases: Part 1 - Change
Week 37   Doc   Creating Experience for Our Guests
Week 36   Doc   Being a Team Member in the Luxury Marketplace
Week 35   Doc   Brand Service Standards Refresher
Week 34   Doc   Cultivating a Global Perspective
Week 33   Doc   Value for Price Paid
Week 32   Doc   Learning About and Promoting the Conrad Brand
Week 31   Doc   Conrad Hilton and Hilton Worldwide
Week 30   Doc   Every Team Member is a Salesperson
Week 29   Doc   Ways to Say Yes
Week 28   Doc   Processes that Support Guest Preferences
Week 27   Doc   Making a Good First Impression
Week 26   Doc   First Quarter Performance Check-In